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The Insect CookbookFood for a Sustainable Planet$

Arnold van Huis, Marcel Dicke, and Henk van Gurp

Print publication date: 2014

Print ISBN-13: 9780231166843

Published to Columbia Scholarship Online: November 2015

DOI: 10.7312/columbia/9780231166843.001.0001

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Title Pages

Title Pages

The Insect Cookbook
Columbia University Press

(p.i) The Insect Cookbook

(p.iii) The Insect Cookbook

(p.xix) The Insect Cookbook (p.xx)

Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History


Columbia University Press   New York  Title Pages


  • Columbia University Press
  • Publishers Since 1893
  • New York Chichester, West sussex
  • Het Insectenkookboek © 2012 by Arnold van Huis, Henk van Gurp, and Marcel Dicke. Originally
  • published by Uitgeverij Atlas Contact, Amsterdam
  • English-language edition copyright © 2014 Columbia University Press
  • All rights reserved
  • This book was made possible through support from the DOEN Foundation, the Uyttenboogaart-Eliasen
  • Foundation, Wageningen University, and the Dutch Foundation for Literature.
  • Title Pages
  • Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
  • Huis, Arnold van.
  •   [Insectenkookboek. English]
  • The Insect cookbook : food for a sustainable planet / Arnold van Huis, Henk van Gurp, and Marcel Dicke; translated by Françoise Takken-Kaminker and Diane Blumenfeld-Schaap. — English-language edition.
  •   pages cm — (Arts and traditions of the table : perspectives on culinary history)
  • Originally published by Uitgeverij Atlas Contact, Amsterdam in 2012 as Het Insectenkookboek.
  • Includes index.
  • isbn 978-0-231-16684-3 (cloth : acid-free paper)
  • isbn 978-0-231-53621-9 (e-book)
  • 1. Cooking (Insects) 2. Edible insects. I. Gurp, Henk van. II. Dicke, Marcel. III. Title.
  • TX746.H8513 2014
  • 641.6’96—dc23
  •                    2013030373
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  • frontispiece: Tortilla with grasshoppers and guacamole. (Lotte Stekelenburg)
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  • cover design: Evan Gaffney
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  • manuscript was prepared.

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