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New Columbia books now online

May 19, 2016

38 new titles have been published on Columbia Scholarship Online (CUSO), adding to 12 modules including Philosophy, Business and Management, and Film, Television, and Radio. These books cover a diverse range of subjects, from economics and ecological preservation to the death penalty in China, and from foreign interventions in the Middle East to the ethnic Avant-Garde - and much more!

The Ethnic Avant-Garde: Minority Cultures and World Revolution

Green Capital: A New Perspective on Growth

Algerian Imprints: Ethical Space in the Work of Assia Djebar and Hélène Cixous

The Death Penalty In China: Policy, Practice, and Reform

From Resilience to Revolution: How Foreign Interventions Destabilize the Middle East

Spreading Buddha's Word in East Asia: The Formation and Transformation of the Chinese Buddhist Canon






This brings the total amount of scholarly works available on CUSO to almost 450. Start browsing CUSO now, and find out how your institution can sign up to a free trial of University Press Scholarship Online.